JSPN-Vadhu-Vara Samyojane - 7-April-2013
We thank you all for taking time to participate in the 2nd Vadhu – Vara Samyojane (VVS) held at SatyaPramoda Annex on Sunday 7th April 2013 and appreciate your patience as well

  • We are also planning to share the respective matched Vadhu list to all registered Vara and similarly respective matched Vara list to all registered Vadhu in phased manner before 25th April 2013.
  • Please write in to vvs.uttaradimath@gmail.com along with the VADHU/VARA id provided during the event. In case you are not remembering the ID, please Email from the registered email, Or please provide name, date of birth and contact number

    Henceforth for all communication please write in to vvs.uttaradimath@gmail.com

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